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2479 Apps in the App Store

I just now checked via Bing, and the total number of WinPhone7 apps in the App Store is 2,479.  On November 11, according to Paul Thurrott there were over 1,600.  So, in 10 days there have been about 879 apps … Continue reading

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Celsius Fahrenheit & Kelvin Temperature Conversion

My fourth app has been submitted to the App Hub!  Like the last three, this one is nominally a component of my unsubmitted Converter Plus app.  This app converts between the three major temperature scales, namely, Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin. … Continue reading

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My newest app: Decimal2Fraction Converter

My third submitted app for Windows Phone 7 has been submitted to the App Hub!  It’s actually been in there for testing already, but there was something wrong with the .xap file that I submitted and it didn’t work.  This … Continue reading

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It’s Paul Thurrott’s Fault

I went to bed at 12:30 AM last night.  And Paul Thurrott is responsible! Well, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. What has Paul done?  It’s very simple: Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2.  For the past several months, … Continue reading

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Fraction Calc gets first sale!

Fraction Calc passed its testing this morning, and was placed into the App Store.  I am happy to report its first sale!  At 20:38 this evening.  I know this because I put a “phone home” routine into the app which … Continue reading

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Fraction Calculator Resubmitted to App Hub

Well, I got my Fraction Calculator resubmitted to the App Hub, and so we’ll see how fast that goes through.  I actually could have put it through again faster, but by oversight left it sitting on Ready for Submission.  Constantly … Continue reading

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“Unable to start debugging” — What?

This was kind of odd, because I had been working through Foundation Expression Blend 4 book, and on prototype menuing application in standard Silverlight, and up until today everything went without a hitch.  And then all of a sudden it started telling me … Continue reading

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