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Not Getting Rich On My WP Apps, But…

I got started building apps for Windows Phone with the idea that maybe I’d be able to make some money at it. Keep dreaming, as they say… In any case, I wasn’t building games, but more-or-less practical apps, and that, … Continue reading

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Old Nerd’s Post – “Ancient” Technology

Old High School friends of mine just posted some Facebook comments on “ancient” technology they still possessed, and it caused me to think back about my old devices.  Brian mentioned that he still had his father’s old slide rule (and … Continue reading

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Getting Close to “Done” on 1st Practice Exam App

It’s getting close, I can feel it! There’s only one troublesome issue: that tombstoning has proven to be a bit of a puzzle!  Whenever I am trying to return the user to the pivot they were on when they tombstoned it … Continue reading

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Ham Radio Licensing — Practice Exams!

I may have mentioned in this space that I have been working on three new apps, practice exams for Amateur Radio licensing. Well, after getting the Fraction Calculator squared away I am getting back to work on them. There will … Continue reading

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The Marketplace May Bite You!

In a previous episode of Marketplace Woes, we discovered that the otherwise unexplained negative download bug/feature was in fact the result of a customer having his carrier apply a chargeback for the amount paid for the product.  Fair enough!  One would … Continue reading

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Negative Download Mystery Solved

Earlier (in this post) I reported that the reporting feature of the App Hub was telling me that on Feb 2, 2011, two of my apps, Fraction Calculator and Decimal2Fraction Converter, had minus 2 downloads.  How does one have negative … Continue reading

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Bad News from the Certification Guys

I put together a minor upgrade to all my apps — correcting a couple of things I didn’t like in them, and adding a way for users to see all my apps — and they’ve been coming back from the certification … Continue reading

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