The Drama Continues (sunset again)

Yesterday’s sunset was plenty of fun. This is the last sunset of the season that I can video from the steps out the door of the conservatory. At least it’s the last one I can video the full track of the sunset — the rotation of the earth combined with the Earth’s axial tilt will put the closing moments of the sunset behind the house two doors down from us. That’s the house that mounts that TV antenna you see in the video I’ve linked to above. To get the full sunset tonight, for example, I’d actually have to walk up the hill — or maybe go out the front door and video from the neighbor’s across the street? Not sure. Or I could do it from my drone if one of my drones had a decent enough camera with zoom function, which neither one has.

The rest of the world worries about coronavirus and being able to buy food. I’m crying about sunset visibility. So sad.

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North Korea is a Shelter Against Coronavirus!

Kim Jong Un has let us know that his country (“his” country in the same sense as “his” hair — because he owns it personally) is free of coronavirus!

MSN says:

North Korea remains totally free of the coronavirus, a senior health official in Pyongyang has insisted, despite mounting scepticism overseas as known cases of infection topped one million worldwide.

The already isolated, nuclear-armed North quickly shut down its borders after the virus was first detected in neighbouring China in January, and imposed strict containment measures.

Pak Myong Su, director of the anti-epidemic department of the North’s Central Emergency Anti-epidemic Headquarters, insisted that the efforts had been completely successful.

I can kind of believe it, actually. This is far and away the most closed country in the world. So, I wonder when they’ll start receiving immigration applications from people outside North Korea who are scared?  One way Kim could start bringing in extra income would be to offer luxury accommodations in gated communities for rich people who want to come hide — for a fee, of course!

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I’ve been unfriended on Facebook!

This may have happened before, but to the best of my knowledge this is the first Unfriend I’ve experienced!

I posted something which one of my (now former) friends found controversial and offensive, and there ensued an argument over the subject. All OK so far, but then she said that I had posted something not credible and offensive. So I told her that she had no idea how many times I had had to beat my head against a wall trying to keep myself from responding from things she had posted that were offensive and not credible.

All OK, right?  Well, she didn’t like that, and suddenly all the little name attributions FB puts on people’s posts turned from linkable to just plain text.  I checked, and yes, she was gone from my friend list.

I am heartbroken!

Not really. But I do regret hurting her feelings.

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Should we really be panicking over Coronavirus?

In my 68 years on this planet I’ve never experienced anything like this clear panic over a virus.  I’m here in the UK, and the country is basically shut down, as it is also in the US.

But why?

I know, I know, people are dying from it, but back in 1968-1972 we had the Hong Kong Flu pandemic. Its death toll makes the worldwide Covid-19 death toll so far look rather anemic. I’m not making this up.  The CDC currently estimates that, in total, that virus killed 1 million people worldwide and around 100,000 people in the U.S. See HERE.

100,000 people died in the US from the Hong Kong Flu?  I was in the US for at least a portion of that time, and nobody was quarantining, nobody was telling people to stay home, they didn’t close the schools — as far as I remember, anyway.  And the vast majority of victims during that time were the elderly, especially those with other medical problems. Just like what is happening now.

Well, I’m elderly now (shocking to realize!), and I guess I am in the virus’s crosshairs. But fortunately I don’t have any chronic conditions afflicting me — other than being way too overweight. So I’m not too worried.

I’m not saying there is absolutely no reason for concern.  And the pandemic isn’t over, so things may change and get far worse than what we’re seeing so far.  But I am hopeful that it won’t be worse than it was back in 1970.

Have a watch of this video. It might give further context to the problem.

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OK, now which Democrat?

In my earlier post I suggested that I would prefer Bernie to stand against Trump, and if a Democrat were to win the presidency, I would prefer Gabbard.

Well, things have firmed up in the race, so now the only two Democrats in the race are Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

Oh. My. Freaking. Gosh.

A virtual communist vs an incipient dementia sufferer.

I don’t know what else to say. Neither one should be able to defeat Trump, and either one would destroy the USA.

The Democrat Party has indeed jumped the shark.

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Which Democrat?

The first question occurs to me, which Democrat currently running would I prefer:

  • To face President Trump in November
  • To be president if Trump is defeated in November by the Democrat

The second question is which Democrat would be the absolute worst to win the presidency.

The answers are two Democrats, since one is the answer to two questions.

Who would I prefer to face Trump in November?

The short answer is Bernie Sanders.

The reason for this preference is because I believe Bernie has the best chance among the front runners to get beaten soundly by Trump. He’s also the best chance of causing the Democrat majority in the house to disappear.

Who would I prefer to be president if Trump were to be defeated in November?

The short answer is Tulsi Gabbard.

The reason for this preference is because Tulsi shows patriotism: she’s a serving Army National Guard officer.  She also seems far less crazy than Sanders or Warren.

Would she be a genuine threat to Trump if she were to get the Democrat nomination? I don’t know. I rather doubt it, but it seems possible she might stand a better chance than any of the other Democrats. She’s seems quite personable, has intelligence and ability to think on her feet, is an attractive person, and doesn’t have the baggage that some of the other major candidates have: she’s not an obvious liar like Warren, is not a crazy Socialist like Bernie, nor an apparent dementia case like Biden. I can’t compare her to Buttigieg or Klobuchar, since I’m not knowledgeable enough about them. But I do have a small positive feeling about Klobuchar, given her raising of the hand about concern with socialism at the last Democrat debate (alone of all the others). But that’s all I got with Klobuchar.

I might have to study both Buttigieg and Klobuchar a bit more, given that they have both managed to step a bit closer to front-runner status than they were previously.

Which Democrat would be the absolute worst to win the presidency?

The short answer is Bernie Sanders.

The reason for this fear is that Bernie is, at best, a socialist, and at worst, a closet communist.  He is also in poor health (recent heart attack), meaning that whichever loonie tune he selected as vice president would be president in short order (and I dread thinking who that might be). And it has become apparent that a number of his campaign workers are absolute communist sympathizers, talking privately about sending people  with whom they disagree to re-education camps, among other things. Bernie has attracted such dregs of humanity that I am certain that he would destroy the United States.

Fortunately, he has a snowball’s chance in hell of getting elected.

An Interesting Correspondance

Isn’t it interesting that my preference for Trump’s opponent is the same person who I feel would be the absolutely worst president?

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Yang is Out! Who’s Next?

I’ve been watching the Democratic nomination “progress” with some degree of interest, since whoever is left at the end will face Trump in November. And since no Democrat currently (or previously) running is “safe” for the country, I must regard Trump as the safest choice for 2020.

And now Andrew Yang has bowed out, after his disappointing performance in New Hampshire today. It was inevitable in any case, since his so-called “Freedom Dividend” program is a completely air-headed idea. Who could possibly think anyone would go for it?

So, who’s going to come out on top in the New Hampshire primary?  It looks like Bernie Sanders so far.  I’m writing this while the results are rolling in (watching the “Don’t Walk, Run! Productions” livestream, and Twitter.  I need to go to bed, but this is keeping me up. Why? It won’t matter, but I’m terribly curious.

The former front-runner, Joe Biden, is coming in rather low, with 8.3% of the vote. If you’ve been listening to him lately, he actually sounds like he’s slipped into some kind of dementia.  Pretty sure he won’t be able to recover, from an election point of view.  If true, it’s probably for the best, for him at least, since there seems to be some evidence that he’s corrupt and could face justice. Nobody would pursue a mentally-deficit Biden.

I have a feeling that despite the fact that Bernie, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar are rocking New Hampshire at the moment, the eventual nominee will be Bloomberg, who isn’t even participating in New Hampshire. The Democratic National Committee is completely opposed to Sanders being the nominee, and I am sure that they will bend all their efforts to keep him from winning the nomination.

So, who’s going to be the next dropout out the 8 running in NH?  My guess is that will be Tulsi Gabbard.

I’m going to bed now.

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Greta Thunberg is not Immune to Criticism

Greta “How dare you?” Thunberg recently came into criticism by President Donald Trump, in which he tweeted:


And of course he was instantly vilified.


This is “bullying”?  Don’t think so.

Remember the uproar over the Covington kid who got vilified by media and politicians just because he stood smiling uncertainly at a native American “elder” who was beating a drum in his face for no reason that the teenager could determine at the time?  All those Democrat politicians had no problem whatsoever bullying a teenager who hadn’t gone searching for the limelight, who wasn’t even an activist, and whose only offense was to stand there?  Now THAT was bullying.  Joe Biden needs to look up the meaning of the word.  And apparently so do a number of other self-serving politicians and media hacks.

An acquaintance of mine posted on Facebook:

Whether or not you agree with Trump or Greta Thunberg, for the president of the United States to attack a 16 girl (who can’t even vote in the US) is really inappropriate.

I tried to refrain from responding, but I couldn’t help myself. So I wrote:

Yeah I read his tweets. Calling those “attacks” kind of stretches the definition past sensibility. And Greta didn’t mind, apparently. She incorporated his tweets into her Twitter bio. Which is kind of classy of her, IMHO.

To which he responded:

So, that makes it all OK?

And I say:

Of course it does. If she were some high school child writing a letter to the President of the United States (or some other head of state) expressing her opinion, however well- or ill-informed, she would and should expect nothing more than a respectful “thank you for your thoughts” letter back. But that’s not what is happening here. However sincere she is about what she is being induced to say, this is not just Greta Thunberg expressing her personal opinion. This is a well-financed and highly organized political campaign — and Greta is being used by her parents and others as a front person for a point of view.

She does not get to stand in front of the world shouting “How dare you!?” and then expect immunity from response. And Trump’s response was extremely mild. I would have responded “No, how dare YOU?! Go home, finish growing up, and come back when you have something of your own to say and not what others are whispering in your ear.”

Do you know what people have told me, a nearly 70-year old college educated man, when I have expressed an opinion on anthropogenic climate change? “Shut up, you don’t know what you’re talking about.” And yet a 16 year old girl who hasn’t even finished high school gets to shout “How dare you!” to the world and everyone is expected to say “Oh, isn’t that sweet!” I don’t think so.

While she has every right to speak up in public in the manner she has spoken, by doing so she has shed the anonymity and the shield of tolerance for youth that she would otherwise have rightly expected. But I don’t think she expects complacency in response to her remarks. By the evidence, she expects and welcomes criticism. And that is totally appropriate.

I do think that Greta is being shamefully used by people who do not have her best interests at heart. If I had a child who suffered from Asperger syndrome, I would not be tossing her out into the tensions of global discourse like they have at such a young age. It is at least borderline child abuse, in my opinion.

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SpaceX Does It!

I just watched the live launch of SpaceX’s second Falcon Heavy mission, this time with an actual commercial payload, Arabsat 6A. And WOW! Both side boosters came down and landed almost simultaneously at Cape Canaveral, and just a few minutes later the center booster managed to successfully land on the unmanned landing platform, “Of Course I Still Love You”! Very nearly dead center, too!

I love to watch these things, and it is especially juicy that this successful hi-tech work is being done by a commercial company, and not by some tax-consuming government agency. I suspect that SpaceX may not be profitable yet, but if they keep this up they ought to become so.

The next SpaceX Falcon Heavy flight is scheduled for June 2019, and the boosters are expected to be the one’s from this flight. Great to get re-use of these expensive items!

Here’s a photo of the first Falcon Heavy rocket sitting on the launch pad:

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El Chapo

I read today that the Mexican drug lord Joaquín Guzmán, known as “El Chapo”, who is now in US custody in New York, has been denied a Bible, a Spanish-English dictionary (he doesn’t speak English), and is also being denied receipt of letters from his family.  See HERE for more details.  The place where he’s being held, an isolation wing of the Manhattan federal jail, “has been described as ‘worse than Guantanamo’ by inmates who’ve been in both.”

Sounds like he’s not very comfortable. And I’m OK with that.  If he had been involved only with drug smuggling, I’d be a little sympathetic.  It’s a business after all, and even if the product is illegal, it isn’t per se immoral.  However, by all accounts, Guzmán is also a murderer and torturer of multiple persons. He’d kill his own smugglers even for such minor offenses as being late with a shipment.

So when it comes to his confinement in a US prison, I guess I don’t care that he’s not doing well.  Some may say that he’s innocent until proven guilty, and of course, that is true, but he’s been convicted of a lot of heinous crimes in his home country and has served time for them.  In fact, he isn’t finished serving his time there.  I believe that the only reason the Mexican government has allowed him to be extradited to the US to face charges is that they are worried that he would escape from confinement a third time. So if he’s uncomfortable in his New York prison, that’s all well and good.


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