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My Device Update Woes with the Feb 2011 Update

When I plugged my Dell Venue Pro into my PC, the Zune software picked up on it right away, and in short order let me know that there was an update to be done.  But it told me that I … Continue reading

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Got a Windows Phone Device — Hooray!

Yesterday, I got my new device via Fedex, thanks to the kindness and diligence of Chris Koenig, MS Developer Evangelist! I’ve been trying to get the attention of someone in the Mothership to beg and plead for a gratis WP7 … Continue reading

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Interesting WP7 ListBox Behavior

I just finished a knock-down drag-out battle against my own code.  And I won.  Finally.  Quite frankly, this was completely unexpected behavior, and I wasn’t sure if it was native behavior or introduced by something I did, or something that … Continue reading

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I Start a Non-Tech Blog

I initially posted a non-technical, music-related piece here earlier today, but then I decided that I wanted this blog to remain on-message as far as technology is concerned, so that post is gone.  However, I will continue to want to … Continue reading

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