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Medical Student “Let it Go” Parody

Dropping Politics for the Moment I got things to say about Donald Trump.  Seriously.  But not now.  Although apparently he came in second in the Iowa state caucuses yesterday.  Excellent.  Nevermind. The brilliant medical students of the University of Chicago … Continue reading

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Playlists are SO cool

Remember that the Whitehouse released President Obama’s 2013 Inauguration playlist?  Did he really listen to this playlist on his iPod? You know things have really “progressed” when a person’s playlist becomes part of his political personna.  I can see a future … Continue reading

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More Fantastic Guitar Work

Another CandyRat artist, this is Ewan Dobson. . . I’m not sure what is going on with the conical hat.  A commenter on YouTube says that this he resembles the fighting character Raiden in the video game Mortal Kombat.  I … Continue reading

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Antoine Dufour

Like many software developers I like music and can even play an instrument (guitar, and not too well due to lack of practice).  Thus when I run into someone who can really pluck them strings and make great music I … Continue reading

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