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Royals (Lorde): an a capella cover by Alaa Wardi

Alaa Wardi is an excellent musician, especially when he uses his body as the musical instruments!  Check out his channel.

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Hayao Miyazaki is a Genius

“Who’s that?” you say?  Well, let’s see.  He’s a Japanese animator whose most popular (in Japan) film is called in English, Spirited Away, and it won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature in 2003.  Here is an interesting video about … Continue reading

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Medical Student “Let it Go” Parody

Dropping Politics for the Moment I got things to say about Donald Trump.  Seriously.  But not now.  Although apparently he came in second in the Iowa state caucuses yesterday.  Excellent.  Nevermind. The brilliant medical students of the University of Chicago … Continue reading

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