The Heading Picture

The picture at the top of this blog will be a photograph or some other graphic that I have taken and perhaps modified in some way.

The Current Picture

1 October 2017: a panoramic shot taken with my Samsung Galaxy Express Android phone. I took this on 29 September 2017 at 4:09 pm while standing on the dock of the El Puerto de Angeles restaurant in Hoodsport, Washington.  The view is of Hood Canal looking east from the western side. The ship in the photo is a research vessel anchored in the middle of the waterway — unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get its name.

Past Pictures

5 May 2012: another Canon Powershot photo.  I took this on 18 August 2011 at 6:46 pm while standing on the dock of one of the marinas at Olympia, Washington, looking north into Budd Inlet.


19 June 2011: this is from a photo I took using my Canon Powershot.  I took it on 3 June 2011, at 12:39 pm, a short distance south of the Olympia Municipal Airport.  It was my lunch hour and the day was so pretty that I intentionally drove around looking for a nice photo op.  The site is an industrial area which has been cleared but is still largely unoccupied.  Otherwise, the area is quite heavily forested.

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