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R.I.P. Mikhail Kalashnikov

I was startled to find out this morning that Mikhail Kalashnikov, one of the world’s premier small arms designers, has passed away at the age of 94. I was startled because I hadn’t imagined that he was still alive this … Continue reading

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Alaa Wardi is at it Again!

Alaa Wardi is an Iranian muscian based in Saudi Arabia.  He makes some of the best a capella works around.  Many in Engllish and Arabic, but here’s a new offering in French (with a bit of an Arabic flavor in … Continue reading

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Not Getting Rich On My WP Apps, But…

I got started building apps for Windows Phone with the idea that maybe I’d be able to make some money at it. Keep dreaming, as they say… In any case, I wasn’t building games, but more-or-less practical apps, and that, … Continue reading

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