Not Getting Rich On My WP Apps, But…

I got started building apps for Windows Phone with the idea that maybe I’d be able to make some money at it. Keep dreaming, as they say…

In any case, I wasn’t building games, but more-or-less practical apps, and that, combined with the slow startup of Windows Phone, meant that I wasn’t getting much traction in the Marketplace. My practical apps were somewhat marginally practical — who really needs a Fraction Calculator, anyway? Or a Ham Radio License Test Practice app? Very nice, err.. niche.

But last year I got a surprise from Microsoft: $207! It took well over a year, but I finally saw some cash. And to my surprise (having let my developer account lapse due to the less-than-stellar income), I’m getting another approx. $200 this month! Wow! Won’t let me retire early, but apparently “interest” in my apps is steady, if slow. Maybe I should develop another few apps? Perhaps I will. After I get a couple of books published, maybe.

Thanks Microsoft for remembering me!

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