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Zo Hits the Nail on the Head

As you may have noticed I got really ticked off about that massacre in Aurora, Colorado last week.  I was particularly angered that there were no concealed carry holders in the house, and this in a state where concealed carry … Continue reading

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Where were the Concealed Carry Holders?

But For a Bit of Space and Time… As I indicated, I am both sickened and angered by this event, but dismayed as well.  Colorado is a Concealed Carry state!  Why was this guy allowed to continue his rampage until … Continue reading

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Sickened and Angered About the Aurora Shooting

Ever have one of those days when you kind of know what you want to say, but aren’t sure where to begin with it?  Nobody’s ever accused me of being a man of few words, but sometimes there is so … Continue reading

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My Review of Regular Expressions Cookbook

Originally submitted at O’Reilly This cookbook provides more than 100 recipes to help you crunch data and manipulate text with regular expressions. With recipes for popular programming languages such as C#, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and VB.NET, Regular … Continue reading

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Romney at the NAACP: Boos, Yes, But Also Applause

I just got done watching the video of Mitt Romney’s address today at the NAACP convention in Dallas, Texas.  It was very well received, in my opinion.  Of course, not a rousing chorus of approval, and yes there were a … Continue reading

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A Really FINE rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner

I was clued into this version of the Star-Spangled Banner by Alphonso Rachel of Zonation.  A bit different but really beautiful — at least to my ears.

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Morgan Freeman: Obama not our first black President

I love Morgan Freeman as an actor.  There’s nobody quite like him, and I’ve liked pretty much every movie he’s acted in, largely because of him.  Of course he’s not perfect.  Nobody is.  But how could he say things like … Continue reading

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Misrepresentations: Mitt Romney and Abortion

Washington state isn’t considered a swing state in the upcoming election (it’s probably considered a “sure thing” for the Obama campaign), so we didn’t get to see the recent scare-tactic ads directed against Mitt Romney in a number of swing states, … Continue reading

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More Princes

My earlier post about what seems to be a relartively close connection to the Queen of England had to do with an acquaintanceship chain therein — where Dave, my brother’s friend, was actually acquainted with Princess Di.  I can actually … Continue reading

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