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Another Way of Doing Transactions in .NET

I was browsing today, and ran into this question on doing transactions in Sql Server.  Since I was familiar with using SqlTransactions, I thought maybe it was a question I could provide an answer to, but then I saw … Continue reading

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We’re All Going to — Die? Warm Up?

Phil Plait, he of the Bad Astronomy blog (it’s on Slate these days, so you know he’s for real), is a fun read.  He reports all kinds of interesting astronomical stuff, and I enjoy reading his work.  On some days, … Continue reading

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There’s Nothing Wrong with Hungarian Notation!

I was just scanning StackOverflow looking for interesting Questions and Answers, and happened up this one: Converting JSON to C# Class Object. Serialization is always an interesting subject, and I had previously thought about the idea of serializing (or deserializing) … Continue reading

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I’ve Just Published a Book (or Two)!

This blog generally deals with technical topics only, but I am going to make an exception in this case. I guess I have that privilege — I make the rules here, after all! I’ve been working on a side project … Continue reading

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