Jerk Driver Gets Comeupance But Oh! The Commentary!

Where else but on YouTube!?

A Florida driver happened to take a video of a guy in a nice big pickup truck who was tailgating her — apparently, the pickup driver wanted the videographer to accelerate past the speed limit to allow him to get where he was going faster.  But the videographer, who was blocked by other traffic from moving over to let the pickup go by, wouldn’t speed up.

Eventually, the traffic in the other lane allowed the pickup to go around the videographer, and so he did so.  However, he took pains to make sure that the videographer could see that he was flipping her the bird.  It definitely appeared that the pickup driver was paying no attention to what was ahead of him, trying to ensure that the other driver saw what he was doing.

Finally, the pickup sped up dramatically on the rain-slick road, and immediately spun out all over the road, ending up pointed the opposite way in the median strip.  The video went quite viral, and it is clear that the videographer was actually paying attention to where she was going, because the video isn’t pointed directly at the subject at all times.

Having been the subject of abuse by idiot drivers like the one in the pickup truck myself, I gladly reproduce the video here:

The original video was taken down/marked “private”, so I came up with one with news coverage.  The thing about this is, the original video had comments disabled because the comments started containing things like death threats — to the videographer!  Were they from the pickup driver?  I don’t know, but there were apparently a huge number of all kinds of commentary, and this demonstrates something important.  It demonstrates that anonymity causes people to say the dumbest things.

Modified on 6/24/2014 with replacement video

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