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North Korea is a Shelter Against Coronavirus!

Kim Jong Un has let us know that his country (“his” country in the same sense as “his” hair — because he owns it personally) is free of coronavirus! MSN says: North Korea remains totally free of the coronavirus, a … Continue reading

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I’ve been unfriended on Facebook!

This may have happened before, but to the best of my knowledge this is the first Unfriend I’ve experienced! I posted something which one of my (now former) friends found controversial and offensive, and there ensued an argument over the … Continue reading

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Should we really be panicking over Coronavirus?

In my 68 years on this planet I’ve never experienced anything like this clear panic over a virus.  I’m here in the UK, and the country is basically shut down, as it is also in the US. But why? I … Continue reading

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OK, now which Democrat?

In my earlier post I suggested that I would prefer Bernie to stand against Trump, and if a Democrat were to win the presidency, I would prefer Gabbard. Well, things have firmed up in the race, so now the only … Continue reading

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Which Democrat?

The first question occurs to me, which Democrat currently running would I prefer: To face President Trump in November To be president if Trump is defeated in November by the Democrat The second question is which Democrat would be the … Continue reading

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Yang is Out! Who’s Next?

I’ve been watching the Democratic nomination “progress” with some degree of interest, since whoever is left at the end will face Trump in November. And since no Democrat currently (or previously) running is “safe” for the country, I must regard … Continue reading

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Greta Thunberg is not Immune to Criticism

Greta “How dare you?” Thunberg recently came into criticism by President Donald Trump, in which he tweeted: And of course he was instantly vilified. This is “bullying”?  Don’t think so. Remember the uproar over the Covington kid who got vilified … Continue reading

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