The Drama Continues (sunset again)

Yesterday’s sunset was plenty of fun. This is the last sunset of the season that I can video from the steps out the door of the conservatory. At least it’s the last one I can video the full track of the sunset — the rotation of the earth combined with the Earth’s axial tilt will put the closing moments of the sunset behind the house two doors down from us. That’s the house that mounts that TV antenna you see in the video I’ve linked to above. To get the full sunset tonight, for example, I’d actually have to walk up the hill — or maybe go out the front door and video from the neighbor’s across the street? Not sure. Or I could do it from my drone if one of my drones had a decent enough camera with zoom function, which neither one has.

The rest of the world worries about coronavirus and being able to buy food. I’m crying about sunset visibility. So sad.

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