So, what’s a Cyberherbalist, you ask?  Therein lies a tale:

Long time ago, when the Web was young — this would be sometime in the late 1990’s — I came up with an idea for an online medicinal herb encyclopedia, and “Cyberherbalist” is the term I coined for it.  I registered the domain name cyberherbalist.com, launched the site, but was never able to devote the time and attention to it that it needed.  I let the domain name expire and someone else re-registered it and used it for a time, selling alternative medicine products, but eventually their business tanked, the domain name registration expired again, and some domain parker grabbed it. I enquired how much it would cost to reclaim it, to which the answer was “$8,000” — and there was no way I could afford that. Finally, someone bought the domain and tried using it to sell herbal stuff. It wasn’t a particularly distinguished website, though.  And then it wasn’t being actively used any longer, and for a time was available for only $800.  Woo hoo!  Fire sale!  Seriously, if only I had a commercial interest, which I don’t, I’d buy it. Checked again recently, and it’s still for sale, but the price has jumped up to $3,295. An oddly specific price, but it doesn’t matter. I doubt it will ever be used in the real world again.

I did manage to get a jump on the crowd with the “.co” top-level-domain, however! So MikeClark.co is Mine. All Mine! It’s my Mikepedia page — looks a bit like Wikipedia, because it uses the same software, Media Wiki.

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