The New Hitler? No, the New Stalin.

Vladimir Putin

Who is this man? He’s the President of Russia, and he has blood on his hands. How much blood? And whose?

Whatever he was before his rise to political ascendancy in Russia, over the past month or so he has added yet more blood to his scorecard. Nobody can say how much blood, exactly, since the disorder caused by his actions in Ukraine is still too great, and the different sides have different estimates. But so far, at least 10,000 Russian, 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers, and 7,000 Ukrainian civilians have been killed in battle. In addition to this, 4 million Ukrainians have fled Ukraine, and 6.5 million have abandoned their homes in Ukraine. Russian forces have devastated the countryside and the cities, with many cities looking like they had been pulverized by the kind of mass bombardment that occurred in World War II. So the blood of nearly 20,000 people is on his hands.

And why has he done this? Like Hitler, Putin has basically manufactured largely fictional justifications for the invasion. Like Hitler, he has justified his actions because of supposed persecution of the Russian-speaking minority in Ukraine by the Ukrainians. And then there is the supposed Nazis in Ukraine. Led by that stinking Jewish Nazi Ukrainian president Zelenskiy… Wait, what? Yep, you heard correctly. Jews are now Nazis!

But whatever other fictional justifications Putin might have, the real reason for the invasion is the recently-discovered oil under Ukraine.

So, this war appears to have more in common with Hitler’s invasion of Russia in 1941. Hitler’s invasion was sparked by the need the Nazis had for the oil in the Caucasus mountains. Putin is even using the same kind of justifications that Hitler gave for invading Poland: thesupposed mistreatment of ethnic Germans in Poland.

But you couldn’t call him Hitler. I think he’s more like Stalin. He might even like that comparison.

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