A Southern Man Don’t Need Him Around…

Neil Young demands to be removed from Spotify

…and Spotify has obliged him!

In the realm of cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face, Neil Young has succeeded in having his music removed from the online streaming platform Spotify. It wasn’t hard to do, and Spotify did it right away, saying he’s welcome back anytime.

If you’re not familiar with the singer Neil Young, this won’t matter much to you. I know about him, and would recognize much of his music, but it doesn’t matter much to me, since I don’t listen to Young preferentially. His back catalog has some good songs in it, but if he stopped producing music I wouldn’t care.

Why did Young make this odd demand? Because the podcaster Joe Rogan, also on Spotify, has had a number of persons on his program that the Left doesn’t like, who say things that the Left hates, and how dare Joe Rogan permit actual, real, honest free speech! That, like many other things, is intolerable to the Left. And Young gave Spotify an ultimatum: Joe Rogen goes, or I do. Spotify told him don’t let the screen door hit you on the way out. In a kind way, of course.

I hope Neil Young stays off Spotify and never returns. And not that I was buying any of his music anyway, but I will be sure to continue to not do so in the future. Not because he is a Lefty, nor because I don’t care for his music, but because he is an intolerant buffoon.

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