Trump Fans and Foes : Mirror Images

I have no illusions about Donald Trump as now former President of the United States. I pretty much liked his policies while cringing nearly every time he spoke in public. I wanted some other Republican to be President. I really liked Marco Rubio, but sigh, it wasn’t to be.

I definitely recognize that Trump has a coterie of followers who are “true believers”. Nothing he does or says elicits disapproval from them. They are fan-boys. But I also recognize there he has a coterie of “implacable foes”. Nothing he does or says elicits approval from them. Both groups are very catholic in their viewpoints. And neither side recognizes the other side as their mirror twins.

There is a news organization calling itself “The Intercept”. I’m not sure what they are intercepting, but it is very clear that they are solidly left-leaning. In the interest of hearing all sides of issues, I subscribe to their email reports. Today there was a particular report in the periodic newsletter, and it dealt with the Trump fans. The headline went like this:

I Tried to Make Claims About Election Fraud So Preposterous Trump Fans Wouldn’t Believe Me. It Was Impossible.

I’m not going to reproduce the article here, you can go look at it yourself, if you’re interested. Just click on the headline above.

The point I have to make is that The Intercept may not recognize that there is an inverse community of people for whom the statement:

I Tried to Make Absurd Claims About Trump’s Perfidy So Preposterous Trump Foes Wouldn’t Believe Me. It Was Impossible.

would be equally true.

I’ll let someone else try that experiment, but I’ve seen them. I’m personally acquainted with some of them. One man, whom I have known online for many years on a particular discussion forum not dealing with politics (I’ve never actually met him), seems to believe literally everything and anything negative that has ever been said about Trump. Whenever the topic comes up, he simply cannot converse normally about Trump. Trump is evil incarnate. Trump has never ever done anything good. Besides his unreasoning hatred of Trump, this man is good and thoughtful.

And he’s not the only one. Another man whom I am similarly acquainted with online, once excoriated me as a racist because in an online communal rant he started about Trump being a racist (this was on Facebook), I dared to post something that had nothing to do with Trump’s racism. One of this gent’s sycophants wrote something that was factually incorrect (again, nothing to do with Trump, particularly), and I simply called out the incorrect information.

That made me a racist. Because I failed to call Trump a racist. After I gave up trying to defend myself on his timeline, this man followed me to my own timeline to accuse me of racism!

It actually reminded me of the annual “Hate Week” in the classic novel 1984. Except that Trump Hatred is year-round. As is Trump Love, clearly.

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