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Should we really be panicking over Coronavirus?

In my 68 years on this planet I’ve never experienced anything like this clear panic over a virus.  I’m here in the UK, and the country is basically shut down, as it is also in the US. But why? I … Continue reading

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Global Climate Change One More Time

My earlier post on global climate change, “We’re All Going to — Die? Warm Up?“, got some interest lately when someone in a forum I participate in challenged me on it in a private message exchange.  Since it was a … Continue reading

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Continuing Certainties

This is an update of my topic Certainties and Inevitabilities from back in January 2013. On Saturday my dear wife, who had been dealing with bad anemia and an apparent intestinal tract infection (on top of her colon tumor), spiked a … Continue reading

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We’re All Going to — Die? Warm Up?

Phil Plait, he of the Bad Astronomy blog (it’s on Slate these days, so you know he’s for real), is a fun read.  He reports all kinds of interesting astronomical stuff, and I enjoy reading his work.  On some days, … Continue reading

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Bad Astronomies and Global Warming Deniers

Not that Phil Plait (the Bad Astronomer) will read this blog, but I am quite annoyed by his use of the term “global warming denier”.  I realize that he didn’t originate the term and he isn’t the only one who … Continue reading

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Apparently, the End of the World is Near

I am told that there are a lot of folks who expect the end of the world to occur on December 21, 2012.  And the reason for it?  I guess that date marks the end of the Mayan Long Count … Continue reading

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R.I.P. This Week in Science

I appreciate political insights as much as anyone — but in the interests of keeping politics and religion out of places where they just distract from primarily neutral subjects like science, technology, and engineering, I try to keep my partisan … Continue reading

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