Should we really be panicking over Coronavirus?

In my 68 years on this planet I’ve never experienced anything like this clear panic over a virus.  I’m here in the UK, and the country is basically shut down, as it is also in the US.

But why?

I know, I know, people are dying from it, but back in 1968-1972 we had the Hong Kong Flu pandemic. Its death toll makes the worldwide Covid-19 death toll so far look rather anemic. I’m not making this up.  The CDC currently estimates that, in total, that virus killed 1 million people worldwide and around 100,000 people in the U.S. See HERE.

100,000 people died in the US from the Hong Kong Flu?  I was in the US for at least a portion of that time, and nobody was quarantining, nobody was telling people to stay home, they didn’t close the schools — as far as I remember, anyway.  And the vast majority of victims during that time were the elderly, especially those with other medical problems. Just like what is happening now.

Well, I’m elderly now (shocking to realize!), and I guess I am in the virus’s crosshairs. But fortunately I don’t have any chronic conditions afflicting me — other than being way too overweight. So I’m not too worried.

I’m not saying there is absolutely no reason for concern.  And the pandemic isn’t over, so things may change and get far worse than what we’re seeing so far.  But I am hopeful that it won’t be worse than it was back in 1970.

Have a watch of this video. It might give further context to the problem.

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