It’s the “Affordable Care Act”, NOT “Obamacare” Says Pelosi

You really must watch this one:

In this wonderful video, Ms. Pelosi calls a questioner gently onto the carpet for referring to the Affordable Care Act as “ObamaCare”, and then goes on to repeat the word “Affordable” about five or six times in order to make sure everyone heard her.  She said she even corrects the President when he calls it ObamaCare.

Okay, I guess I see her point, but given that millions of people are now paying more for health coverage than they were before, I am quite sure that the term “affordable” does not fit it.

One of my sons had a health insurance policy up until Jan 1, 2014, and it cost him $110 per month.  But on that date the provider cancelled the policy and offered him a replacement policy which complied with the “Affordable” Care Act’s provisions, and the new policy was going to cost him $256 per month.  He had to decline the offer because he couldn’t afford it.  He prefers to pay the fine for being uninsured than paying almost 2 and 1/2 times his old policy.

The name “Affordable Care Act” is a lie.  “Obamacare” fits it better. That Obama lied about being able to keep your policy if you liked it, well, that works too.

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