Sickened and Angered About the Aurora Shooting

Ever have one of those days when you kind of know what you want to say, but aren’t sure where to begin with it?  Nobody’s ever accused me of being a man of few words, but sometimes there is so much to say that the magnitude of what needs to be said confers a degree of silence upon me.  Temporarily, at least.

In the heat of the event itself, which as I write occurred just a few days ago, I hardly need to write about what happened.  But for the sake of future readers who may have forgotten, it was shortly after midnight on 20 July 2012 that James E. Holmes entered a theater which was screening the newest Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, and firing three weapons at the audience, killed 12, and injured many others.  More about this on Wikipedia, HERE.

Innocent Victims

I am sickened by this event because of the lives that were senselessly taken, especially so that it happened in a place that should have been completely devoid of peril, and happening so unexpectedly.  I hope devoutly for the loved ones of those who died that they will be blessed by a merciful God, and that their anguish and sadness might be tempered by the certain hope in the Resurrection wrought by our Savior Jesus Christ.  Death separates too many of us too young from those whom we love, but whether it happens expectedly after a long life, or unexpectedly as in tragedies such as this, there still remains hope in the Lord.  That, at least, remains to us.

The Perp

There is little to be said for the actor in this tragedy.  His insanity was little remarked upon during the time leading up to this event, and little he did or said beforehand would have led most reasonable persons to fear for his future actions.  Thus this culmination is about as unpredictable, and as unpreventable, as any event of nature could be.  That he did not kill himself, and that he allowed himself to be captured, will at least allow us to be trammeled unmercifully with the subsequent trial and sentencing for his crime.

It would have been better, I tend to think, that he should have turned his weapons upon himself — and saved us from the coming denouement and media circus that it will surely become.  Thus he further victimizes us all.

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