Antoine Dufour

Like many software developers I like music and can even play an instrument (guitar, and not too well due to lack of practice).  Thus when I run into someone who can really pluck them strings and make great music I am happy.  My brother Mark can play great guitar, but as much as I have asked him to post a video of him playing some cool riff on YouTube, he just hasn’t gotten around to it.  But have you heard of Antoine Dufour?

Antoine is not only a guitarist, he also plays some other guitar-like stringed instruments.  Most people who play a guitar just play the strings, but not Mr. Dufour.  The guitar in his hands becomes a percussion instrument as well.  He is very good.  Here are two of my favorite Dufour videos:



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  1. Very cool! I’ll have to show my husband that. 😀

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