Tax Day

Well, that day has come and I finally buckled down and filed.  I use Turbo Tax, and as it has for several years, it enabled me to get this painful exercise over with the minimum of fuss. 

Now, while I don’t completely disapprove of taxes, I believe that a tax on income is just wrong.  I will not go into all the reasons I believe this, at least not in this post, but I would prefer a consumption tax.  Or, if that were not possible (and why not?), then there should be a very simple flat rate tax that applies to everyone.  And I mean everyone who earns a buck.  No deductions.

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1 Response to Tax Day

  1. I agree! It would at least be very interesting to try out. I wonder how much more the government would bring in if the tax evaders didn’t have so many ways to avoid paying taxes? How many families would be able to get off of government assistance?

    I would also love to live without the fear of being audited. I pay my taxes honestly, but a friend went through it and it was a very stressful experience because of all of the documents they wanted her to gather.

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