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Negative Download Mystery Solved

Earlier (in this post) I reported that the reporting feature of the App Hub was telling me that on Feb 2, 2011, two of my apps, Fraction Calculator and Decimal2Fraction Converter, had minus 2 downloads.  How does one have negative … Continue reading

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Kudos to @Glowpuff!

The Windows Phone 7 developer community is truly a wondrous thing!  My earlier post complaining about the WP7 Marketplace, and wondering what I could do about navigating to my apps from inside the phone (something which I was told by … Continue reading

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Marketplace Woes

The Windows Phone 7 Marketplace is getting to be frustrating.  Marketing one’s apps, especially when they don’t automatically lend themselves to particular vertical markets where one might have a notion of whom to talk to in order to popularize them, … Continue reading

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I’ve updated my Windows Phone 7 product site

I’ve added new detail pages on the product site for each of my apps, including embedded videos on how to use each one of them.  I still seem to be avoiding continuing work on the Ham Radio Practice Exam app.  … Continue reading

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Brain-dead App Marketing

Earlier today I was listening to Leo Laporte, The Tech Guy Podcast, Show #740, and there were two callers taking about the marketing of their iPhone apps, as well as some comments made by Chris Marquardt, one of Leo’s regular … Continue reading

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Working with Bing

I just added my product website to Bing, now.  Bing doesn’t have Analytics, but that’s OK.  Now, I guess I need to get back to building my WP7 app for Ham Radio Exam practice.

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Working with Google

Well, it seemed like a good idea to make sure Google was going to look at my product website, so I signed up for Google Analytics and started using their Webmaster Tools.  I have no clue how to make the … Continue reading

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