Kudos to @Glowpuff!

The Windows Phone 7 developer community is truly a wondrous thing!  My earlier post complaining about the WP7 Marketplace, and wondering what I could do about navigating to my apps from inside the phone (something which I was told by someone else couldn’t be done), actually got a supremely useful comment from @Glowpuff (aka David) that was accurate (it CAN be done), and immediately useful (I tried it and it WORKS)! 

Here’s the screenshot — have a look:

My Zune Marketplace Apps via WP7

My Apps

That was a search using my publisher name, “Mike Clark”.  The same search can be used to search for the app itself, and this means that if you’re not careful you’ll do a search that brings back apps that don’t belong to you.  I did a search based on the word “Fraction”, and besides my own “Fraction Calculator” it also brings back 7 other apps that apparently have the search term somewhere in their descriptions.
I followed up on one of those other apps and inadvertantly discovered that one can put a link to one’s other Marketplace offerings inside the Marketplace description itself!  Next I will have to find out how this is done.  I made a pathetic attempt to do so in one of my apps’ descriptions, and it didn’t work. 
Learning is Eternal.  And that’s good.
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