Celsius Fahrenheit & Kelvin Temperature Conversion

My fourth app has been submitted to the App Hub!  Like the last three, this one is nominally a component of my unsubmitted Converter Plus app. 

This app converts between the three major temperature scales, namely, Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin. Celsius is in use throughout the world, including for engineering and scientific purposes in countries (such as the United States) in which the popular scale is the Fahrenheit system. Kelvin is the scientific system used for thermodynamics; it is also known as the Absolute system, since its lowest temperature, 0, is called Absolute Zero, and is the lowest possible temperature.

This is submitted tonight, and since it is the weekend, I expect that it won’t get tested until Monday at the earliest.  It’s become a habit to put up a video demo of each of myapps to YouTube.  This one is at:


Four apps!  Not particular major works, but I’m only this guy, you see, and I can labor mightily and long and produce one app, or throw a whole bunch of them out there.  The mighty app STILL isn’t ready for prime time.  How sad!  As it turns out, there are six or seven conversion apps already out there, some free, some not.  I understand that AT&T phones also ship with a conversion app!  No hurry, then.

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