My newest app: Decimal2Fraction Converter

My third submitted app for Windows Phone 7 has been submitted to the App Hub!  It’s actually been in there for testing already, but there was something wrong with the .xap file that I submitted and it didn’t work.  This time it will work fine.

The newest app is Decimal2Fraction Converter.  It converts decimal values to fractions — and vice versa. 

The demo video is now up on YouTube on my channel at:

The video is partly to help the tester see how the app works, but partly for anyone who might be interested in the app.

So that’s three apps!  My “BIG” app, the one which took the most time to design and build, is still not in there.  In fact, there are about five or six other apps created by others and not me, that do what this one does.  I’m late.  On top of that, I’ve managed to insert some new problems into the app, too, so I am not done with it.  I made some important modifications to certain of the components in the Converter Plus that are shared by the other apps, and in one case a function of Converter Plus did not react well to the changes and has to be fixed.  Disgusting.

Well, there we are.  Oh, and by the way, I now have THREE registrations for FractionCalc.  I’m so exciting.  Or maybe not.  Coin Tosser is definitely ahead of FractionCalc in the rankings, though.  Maybe there’s FOUR sales for it!

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2 Responses to My newest app: Decimal2Fraction Converter

  1. If I had a nifty phone, I would totally use that! Is there an app for calculating tips?

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