2479 Apps in the App Store

I just now checked via Bing, and the total number of WinPhone7 apps in the App Store is 2,479.  On November 11, according to Paul Thurrott there were over 1,600.  So, in 10 days there have been about 879 apps added, or almost 88 per day.  I guess us developers are burning midnight oil trying to put new ones in there.  Here’s the link to Bing to check this out:


I’ve been throwing together these little utilities, so far, but I really feel the need to make a game of some kind.  I’ve not been much exposed to XNA, so far, so I don’t feel all that confident in building a game using it, but perhaps a Silverlight game?  I’m trying to come up with a concept that hasn’t been done to death already.  My sweet wife came to me with the information that Sudoku is all the rage, and perhaps I could make an app that did that?  Sounded like at least an idea, so I checked it out and it turned out that there were several Sudoku apps in the app store already.  Nuts. 

So, I am still cogitating on this one.

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