Fraction Calculator Resubmitted to App Hub

Well, I got my Fraction Calculator resubmitted to the App Hub, and so we’ll see how fast that goes through.  I actually could have put it through again faster, but by oversight left it sitting on Ready for Submission.  Constantly learning the ropes, I am.

Now I’m reworking the Converter Plus application.  Hope to get this in by Friday.  Darn. 

I was checking to see where my Coin Tosser app is at — since Microsoft isn’t providing stats on this, yet — and in terms of popularity, it is currently at #179 out of 290 apps in the Tools category.  I have no idea at all what that means in terms of the number of purchases.  There’s the one “free” app that tosses a single Euro cent that is higher in the category.  There won’t be this same mystery for the Fraction Calculator, because I put “phone home” into it.  It will hit my web page once (and once only) when each new user fires it up for the first time.

This will help me a line on what’s happening with downloads/sales, at least until January, which is when Microsoft folks have said the information would become available through the App Hub.

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