Fraction Calc gets first sale!

Fraction Calc passed its testing this morning, and was placed into the App Store.  I am happy to report its first sale!  At 20:38 this evening. 

I know this because I put a “phone home” routine into the app which upon first use it hits a web app on, identifying itself as to product name.  The web app records the date and time and app name.  The app never again “phones home.”

Checking the Tools section of the App Hub, I find that Coin Tosser is 181/309 in sales rank, and Fraction Calc is 272/309.  Since FC has one sale, this means that CT has anywhere from 1 to X sales.  They’re separated from each other by 91 positions.  This is only vaguely informative.  Too bad I didn’t think of putting a “phone home” in Coint Tosser.  Maybe I should issue a new version with that feature.  Hmmm.  Maybe instead I should keep developing new apps.  Yes.

Well, I’m happy about the first sale of Coin Tosser, at least.

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