“Unable to start debugging” — What?

This was kind of odd, because I had been working through Foundation Expression Blend 4 book, and on prototype menuing application in standard Silverlight, and up until today everything went without a hitch.  And then all of a sudden it started telling me that it couldn’t debug.

“Unable to start debugging. The Silverlight Developer Runtime is not installed. Please install a matching version.”

I puzzled at the unexpected appearance of such an objection, and I wanted to tell it that I had been developing and debugging Silverlight
for several weeks — so what was up with this all of a sudden?  Of course, there was no-one to tell this to.  I’m all into anthropomorphizing my computing machinery and all, but the day it actually answers me I know I will crossed a line into the surreal.

That last sentence was inspired from a line uttered by Tom Hanks’ character in “Saving Private Ryan”, by the way, in case you were wondering, which you probably weren’t.  I’m just emitting random noises at this point.

I downloaded the Silverlight debug suite for developers from MSDN, then all was peachy-keen again.

Anyway, there we are.

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