Doonesbury Dumps on Mitt’s Missionary Service

In the Doonesbury cartoons for 10/8 and 10/9 we see an Elder Mitt Romney tracting.

Two implications:

  • Mitt is serving as a missionary in order to get out of serving in Vietnam
  • And Mitt despises the poor

And note the foot in the door.  I wonder what bon mots Trudeau will come up with in the days to come.  It looks like the beginning of a complete story arc.

I wonder if a cartoonist could get away with lampooning Obama’s service as a “community organizer”?  Or his service in the Illinois State  Legislature — where he voted “Present” on so many occasions, thus failing to take a stand.

Of course, the Left doesn’t like it that Romney is religious.  Though I notice that they don’t excoriate Obama’s church attendance.

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