Finally Got My Product Website Up

I’d been ignoring the marketing aspect of this whole thing, but I have finally built the first cut of my product website and deployed it.  It’s a bit simple, and there’s less actual information about my apps than will be there eventually, but there it is:

You’ll note the use of my real name there.  If I had a name like certain of my friends or acquaintances, it would be a relatively bad idea to use my real name out in public like that, or so it is said, but Mike Clark is so darned common that if you do a Google or Bing search you’ll never find me on that alone.  There are, count ’em, five Mike Clark’s in my relatively low-populated county.  There are literally hundreds in New York City. 

Anyway, if you navigate to my product website with your Windows Phone, the links in each of the Product descriptions will take you to the marketplace where you can check them out directly — and even buy them!

More later!

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