Halleluyah! I’m IN!!

As I noted in an earlier post, I was a trifle late in getting in my request for consideration for early-access to the Windows Phone 7 App Marketplace, so I was quite philosophical about my chances of being able to get my apps into the system for consideration. I do think I missed the “first wave”, but a few days ago I was surprised and pleased to get an email from the Windows Marketplace people. It said, in part:

Congratulations! You have been scheduled to receive early access to the Windows Phone 7 app submission process on Monday, October 18th. Once access has been confirmed we will send you instructions on how to submit your Windows Phone 7 apps or games via App Hub, the new Windows Phone 7 developer portal

Like I said, I was pleased, except that there was a slight glitch. While I could sign in to the App Hub, it did not let me get into the parts of the place that would enable me to actually submit my apps. In fact, I had noticed that I couldn’t access some parts of the App Hub that I should have been able to get into anyway (as best I could tell), and had posted some cries for help into the forum they provide, but without any usable result. I decided to try one more time, and so today I posted another piteous plea for assistance, hoping some Microsoftie would fix my problem, and, in fact, a little earlier this evening somebody did respond and indicate that he had had the same problem, and gave me a fix that had been given him last week. I applied the fix as instructed and WOO HOO! I was IN! I was Accepted! Inclusion! Mahvelous.

So now, I can and am about to submit my apps. I am so Happy!

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