Progress — of a sort…

I feel sometimes like I am trying to put five US quarts into a US gallon container — difficult, since a US gallon only has a 4 quart capacity!

While learning development on Windows Phone 7 — and I’ve built a calculator app by way of experimenting with it — I’m also working on coming up with a company to use to market the eventual app I’ll be building, AND getting a podcast started up as well.  I’m trying to be a one-man development, marketing and business management shop!  I can handle the development (been doing this kind of thing for years), but the marketing and business management are another matter entirely.

Maybe I better modify that analogy to something like “trying to put a gallon into a pint container.”

This Week in Windows Phone

Taking my inspiration from Leo Laporte’s “This Week in Tech” or TWiT, along with Jason Calacanis’ “This Week In…”, and with special inspiration from Gary Vaynerchuck and his “Crush It!” book (and concept), I’m trying mightily to launch a podcast which I’ve named This Week in Windows Phone.  I’ve got the domain registered (actually, two domains), both a Twitter and a YouTube account, and heaven help me, a Facebook account as well.  All because of GaryVee’s “Crush It!”  Well, so far, the only thing I’m crushing is my TIME.  As in “not enough time in the day”!  Or night.  I’ve found myself getting up in the wee hours and making wee little adjustments to my software, instead of making wee little adjustments in my sleeping position.  Well, it’s fun, in a way.

Where is all this stuff?

Well, there’s not much there, yet, but eventually there will be something.  Here’s the list:

  • This Week In Windows Phone: main site – the Url will change later.
  • Twitter: twiwp
  • YouTube: twiwp
  • Facebook: Well, I’ve tried to set up a FB account for “twiwp” but have had problems.

I’ve been trying to come up with a usable way to record the Podcast.  I have tried using my old Kodak camera’s movie recording feature, but it produces only marginal video (and audio), and outputs .MOV files, which I have not yet been able to find a free converter for, yet.  I’m also uncertain if I want to show my face!  An audio-only solution presents itself, Audacity, but I’ve been finding it hard to work with so far.  Gosh, what a complainer!

Of course, it completely remains to be seen whether I can produce a podcast that anyone wants to listen to…  of course, I myself find my conversation to be fascinating, so there’s gotta be someone, somewhere, who would listen to it.  Right?  I mean, my mom is no longer with us, so an “it goes without saying”, ready-made audience does not exist.  I know darned well that my wife will not be interested in listening to my technological rantings!

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