Portland Code Camp 2010

I’ve taken a Saturday to show up at the 2010 Portland (Oregeon) Code Camp, and mainly because of the several Windows Phone 7 sessions that were available.  I am sitting in the very last session of the camp, this one being put on by Kelly White: “Windows Phone 7 Hack-a-thon.”

The other sessions were somewhat less than useful, since they amounted to glorified demos (which I have already seen enough of), except for the one just before this, which dealt with the Microsoft App Store (not what it’s called), and even in that case there was no new information for me.  This “hack-a-thon” on the other hand is going to be dealing with actual code hacking.  I hope to learn something here tonight. 

There was a couple of questions from the assembled multitude (gee, maybe 13 of us) about whether or not this platform is going to be worth developing on — i.e. is it going to take off and are we going to be able to make money either getting a job doing it, or selling apps in the Marketplace?  Kelly was assuring about this, and I was unable to hold back on the subject, and declaimed the imminent lucrativeness of the upcoming WP7 launch, blah blah blah.

Not to try to report on this in real time, I’ll update later if there seems to be a reason to do so.

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