Las Vegas Shooting

I had a long night last night, after putting my wife on the jet plane heading back to the UK — a separation that will end only by the UK government finally granting me a permanent visa to live there, or April of next year, whichever comes first. And which they are taking forever to decide upon, by the way.  I stayed up until 5 am watching her flight on, while playing World of Warships as a distraction, just to have some continuing connection with her. With all that, I was blissfully unaware of what happened in Las Vegas that night, until just a few minutes ago.

Well, I thought I was bummed by my wife’s departure, but now it’s far worse. The figure I have heard so far is SIXTY killed!!!  I haven’t delved into further reports at this time because the media is notorious for outputting incorrect information in their initial reports — apparently, they have already reported incorrectly that the shooter was a woman. Anyway, I assume the number of dead will go up before this is over.  I really don’t want to know any more at the moment.  This is horrid.  I’ll wait for the real information to firm up, thanks.  And I better stay away from Facebook for awhile, too. It would just rile me up to no good purpose.

The audio I heard on one report seemed to indicate a fully automatic weapon — something very rare, since civilian ownership of full auto weapons is highly restricted. And of course the usual liberal lefty screams of “gun control!” will be emitted. And like the British with the Dunblane incident and the Aussies with the Port Arthur massacre, the Democratic party is going to go into full tilt Gun Control Mode on this one. Depending upon the circumstances, of course. If this turns out to be a terrorist incident, perhaps it won’t go quite the way I think it will.

And I shall be praying for those who lost friends and family members, as well as those who were injured in this horrific event.

As for the shooter or shooters — may they soon have an appointment with an executioner.

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