Let’s Blame the NRA for San Bernardino

Yesterday, Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik, shot up his workplace’s holiday party, killing 14 and wounding 21.  They did it in the name of Allah.

And of course this is the fault of the National Rifle Association.

But why?  Because the NRA opposes “common sense gun control”?  Okay, then, since the NRA opposes “common sense gun control”, the NRA must be evil, and in the pay of the firearms manufacturers.  And it goes from there: politicians whom the NRA approves of must be in the pay of the NRA.  Never mind the fact that Federal election financing forbids the NRA from contributing to political candidates’ campaigns.  Facts are of no importance when there is political hay to be harvested.  Just read Saul Alinksky’s “Rules for Radicals”.  He explains it all very clearly.

The fact of the matter is this: “common sense gun control” is a moveable feast.  If the NRA were to cave in to this year’s “common sense gun control”, in the next year it would suddenly be discovered that “common sense” had moved a couple of Sigmas to the left.  And the next year the same.  The NRA is right to halt things right where they are.

So, instead of “common sense”, let’s use logic, and experimentation!  Wouldn’t that be a sight?

Consider that California has very strict gun control.  And reflect upon the fact that California’s gun control is the strictest in the nation!  And as we have seen, it didn’t make a bit of difference.  It turns out that all of the firearms used by these terrorists were purchased legally. in accordance with California’s strict gun control laws.  So, you want to make them even more strict?  These people were squeaky clean — a traffic ticket or two at most — and no matter how tight California’s gun laws got screwed down, Farook would still have qualified to buy the guns he wanted to buy!

This clearly show us the results of the experiment.  And the results are that California’s strict gun control laws don’t stop people who really want to kill people, from killing people.  What use are they, then?

Syed Farook went to a good deal of trouble and made extensive preparation to perform the acts of murder he and his wife committed.  Farook, at least, was apparently in communication with terrorist recruiters and instigators.  He was going to kill people for Allah, that’s the bottom line.  California’s strict gun laws couldn’t stop him from doing so, and didn’t.  California also has strict laws against the construction of pipe bombs, too, but Farook and Malik had apparently dozens of them.  So what is there to do about this?

I have bad news for those of you suffering from the “Do Something Disease”.  PASSING LAWS DOESN’T FIX A THING!  Especially if the laws don’t address reality.  Making yourself feel good by “doing something” is worse than useless.

If two nutjob terrorists shoot up a crowd of peaceful celebrants, what could the NRA have to do with it!  But notice the knee-jerk reactions of brainless liberals.  They are champing at the bit to disarm law-abiding citizens because a few nutcases or terrorists did horrible things.  If you were to propose the abolition of private automobiles because of the 30,000+ traffic deaths every year — taking away the travel rights of 300 million people — this would be just as logical.  There are more privately owned firearms in this country than there are people.  Millions of those firearms are of the same type that Farook and his wife used in their crime.  The fact is simply this: almost all gun owners in the country are peaceful, responsible, and safe.  Guns don’t turn peaceful people into monsters.

The problem isn’t guns, it’s people.

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