Old But Sad News

In an earlier post, I referred to my wife’s cancer and the good news that it appeared at the time of her colon surgery not to have spread unduly.  Unfortunately, this was incorrect, and her cancer, though slowed down by removal of a large tumor, continued to grow.  Last April a brief hospital visit revealed that it had grown and spread past the point where there was any conventional treatment considered effective enough to make much difference in the outcome.  They said she had perhaps six months left, and this turned out to be an accurate prediction.

She passed away about six weeks ago, in the morning of September 21, 2015, at home, and attended to by me her husband.  She was the center of my life, and now I feel so very centerless.  I will eventually return to some normalcy, but it is as if a great light has gone out in my life.

Life goes on, no matter what.  She said she was worried about me in this, but I will do whatever I can to make her proud of me in how I handle and recover from it.

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