Rediscovering Yahoo!

Recently I needed a new email account that was not Gmail.  Note that I have about six or seven (lost count) Gmail accounts.  One for each of several purposes.  But now I needed one with my Ham Radio callsign, and it’s only got five letters.  Five letters account names are too small for Gmail (why?), so Gmail was out.  The criteria for the new email ISP was: Free; and not a startup that would be gone next week.  And I thought I would try Yahoo!

I used to use Yahoo! for web searches (a loooonnnggg time ago), but haven’t been there is literally years.  So I got my new email account and had a quick look at the overall site.  I was surprised!

Yahoo! was actually INTERESTING!  There was news, there was entertainment, and there were videos.  I am not sure if it’s doing YouTube-type crowd-sourced videos, but there they were.  I guess times change things.

And yes, apparently you can still search the web on Yahoo!


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