Al Jezeera Buys Al Gore’s Current TV

The news that didn’t really make it to mainstream television was that Al Gore sold his cable channnel “Current TV” to Al Jezeera.  See the news here.  They paid Gore a half million dollars for the network, which, given a viewership of 42,000 in prime time, means they paid about $12 per viewer.  I’d say that 42,000 viewers represents a “pittance”, except that I certainly don’t have that many viewers/readers for this blog.  But still.
Apparently, talk-show host Glenn Beck offered to buy the network, but Gore refused.  That’s funny, actually.  But nevermind.
The main thing to note is that the sale probably took place BEFORE the new tax rates came into effect.  Al Jazeera announced the purchase on January 2, 2013, which, given that January 1 was a holiday, means that the sale took place before then.  Some people might complain that Gore should have waited until after December 31 to finalize the sale, so that he could pay more tax on the deal — doesn’t he want to pay his “fair share” as President Obama likes to call it?  But I say, screw it.  Selling this network to AlJ at that time was actually intelligent business planning and could be said to be evidence of an entrepreneurial spirit in Al Gore.  Didn’t know he had it in him!
But on the other hand, perhaps this is evidence of the pervasiveness of hypocrisy on the Left?
Yes, I believe it is.
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