Just saw “Skyfall” – the new James Bond movie

I don’t go to theaters to watch movies very often. But this week I decided to treat myself to some flick or other, and then I had to pick one. I don’t know why I chose to see Skyfall, except that I think that Daniel Craig is a pretty good actor. James Bond hasn’t been my favorite mileiu for some time, but there it was coming up in a few minutes, so I went for it.

To cut to the chase, this movie rocks.  You like action?  This movie has action.  In fact, the action is almost nonstop.  The plot actually makes sense, even after I’ve watched it I cannot find any glaring holes in the story.  And Mr. Kiss-Kiss Bang-Bang is definitely kissing and banging.  There are two very lovely Bond girls in this film, and one of them gets killed.  I won’t tell you which one.  But it’s sad when it happens, because it happens  just a moment before the cavalry arrives and saves the day.  Temporarily.  She dies because apparently Bond cannot shoot straight due to an injury he suffers early in the film.

If I were a REAL movie reviewer I would give this film four stars out of four.  I can’t think of a single thing that was wrong with it.  The acting was excellent; the story was believable; and the action was exciting and riveting.


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