Live-blogging the Presidential Debate #1 Part 2

They’re digging into Social Security and Medicare now, and both gents don’t want to touch Social Security with a ten foot pole.

Medicare gets some talk, though.

They are not in such huge disagreement in this topic as in the economy.  They are both treading very softly on this whole subject. 

Changing subject to regulations, particularly of banks.  Romney wants a complete overhaul of what Obama has done, and Obama isn’t so keen on it.  Particularly the Dodd-Frank law regarding the regulation of banks, where Romney says that designating five big banks as “too big to fail” with the federal government standing there with a bail and letting smaller banks go to hell in a handbasket was a huge mistake.  Obama had no answer for this.

When it comes to Obamacare, Romney had four major points to hold against it, and one important one was that instead of saving $2,000 on healthcare per year, it is costing people $2,000 more.  Lots of unintended consequences.  Obama doesn’t directly address this, though he repeated his old “if you like your health plan you can keep it”.  Which is incorrect because if your employer doesn’t want to keep his health plan because he thinks you can just get Obamacare coverage, he can just cut it off. 

Maybe I am biased (well, I am), but I have to say that Romney makes much more sense in this than Obama. 

But whatever the two candidates are feeling inside, they are keeping a very positive collegial face in the midst of a what must be a bit of an ordeal for both of them (although Romney seems more eager or at ease).  In short, both of them are looking very Presidential.  And that’s good.

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