Rush Limbaugh — What a Guy!

In the wake of those odd sessions of testimony where certain members of Congress gave Ms. Sandra Fluke the opportunity to complain about the lack of health insurance coverage at Georgetown University for contraceptives, famous talkshow host Rush Limbaugh apparently decided his foot would be quite tasty and stuck it firmly in his mouth.  I hope he seasoned it well beforehand.

I don’t know what possessed him to cause him to refer to Ms. Fluke as a “slut” and a “prostitute”, but whatever it was he should have manfully resisted the impulse.  I am sure he is aware of this, especially now.  He has apologized, but that won’t matter, even if he is sincere.  The Left is unforgiving — especially when one of their prime enemies trips his own self so thoroughly.  They will milk this for all it’s worth.

For one thing, I don’t think I could refer to any woman as a “slut”, even in private.  Maybe I am goody-two-shoes (whatever does that mean anyway?), but it isn’t proper under any circumstance I don’t think.  And “prostitute”?  Oh, wow.  That’s unconscionable.  I guess I could call someone a prostitute if they actually were one.  But as a personal insult?  Yikes.

It’s bad enough for Rush to talk like that in public, but what is worse is that it has taken discussion of the original issue out of discourse in preference to beating on Limbaugh.  Because the whole root of this issue, namely that the Government should force the Catholic Church to provide medical care (contraceptives) in violation of its own religious principles.  This is what Obama wants to do, and Sandra Fluke complaining about it notwithstanding, there is a First Amendment issue here.

I happen to disagree with Catholic doctrine and practice on part of this issue, since my religious beliefs are that contraception in marriage is a private matter between husband and wife.  However, I agree with the Catholic Church when it comes to paying for contraception for a woman or man who is not married, since they shouldn’t be having sex anyway!  But however that goes, it is an egregious violation of the principle of religious liberty to force a church to support that which is against its beliefs.

So Limbaugh has provided a slick way for the real issue here to be bypassed, and has done us all a great disservice.

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