Ron Paul the Next US President?

Not hardly.

I took a break from trying to figure out why I couldn’t print to my color printer (turns out that I was printing to the wrong printer), and had a look at the following news article.

Huntsman Rides Surprising Surge of Support in GOP Straw Poll Shocker

Ron Paul actually won the straw poll, but he had to bus in supporters in order to do it.  This was a Republican Leadership Conference straw poll of the party’s 2012 presidential contenders, and it took place on Saturday, 18 June 2011.

Representative Paul has been running for president for a long time, but although he attracts a rather rabid fan base, he has never been able to actually even come in as any kind of likely candidate.  Ron Paul ran as the Libertarian Party candidate for president once upon a time, and as a Libertarian myself I voted for him, but he shouldn’t have run this time.  He should have retired from this effort.

In fact, Ron Paul’s son, Rand Paul, also a member of Congress (he’s the junior Senator from Kentucky), would make a far better candidate for the Republican party.  I am sure that I heard that had his father not thrown his hat into the ring, Rand would have run.  But he didn’t want to run against his father.  A noble gesture.

What about Jon Huntsman?  Maybe.  He comes across (to me) as quite genuine, as compared with Mitt Romney, and he was very popular as Utah governor.  The fact that he served as Barack Obama’s pick for US Ambassador to China is supposed by some people to be a mark against him, but I don’t see it that way.  I am pretty sure the Obama identified him as a potential competitor for the office of President, and made the appointment at least partly with that in mind.

I don’t know enough about Huntsman to say whether I could potentially support his candidacy for President.

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1 Response to Ron Paul the Next US President?

  1. I definitely have some research to do. Ron Paul has said some things that sounded really paranoid, so I wouldn’t feel comfortable voting for him. We need a really strong Republican candidate to get Obama out of office.

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