Submitted: Ham Radio Amateur Extra License Practice Exam App

On the heels of getting my Technician license practice exam into the Marketplace, I am pleased to say that my Amateur Extra license practice exam has been submitted for certification as of tonight!  This comes quickly due to the fact that it is based on the Technician license app, with appropriate verbiage and trade dress changes.  And of course a different question pool!

I expect that it will be approved and available in the Marketplace in just a few days, if the certification process runs true to my previous experiences.

And that’s assuming as well that the tester doesn’t find any Gotchas!

I will now begin working on the last exam app, for the General license class.  This one ought to go quickly as well, although there are a couple of wrinkles.  First wrinkle is some oddities in the question pool that I have to allow for.  Second wrinkle is that the current question pool expires on June 30, 2011!  There is little point of publishing the app if it can only be used for a couple of weeks, so I will publish it with the new question pool, which won’t be effective until July 1, 2011.  It’s OK, there won’t hardly be anyone who will want it in the short period between now and July 1.

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