Bugs, Stupid Bugs

I hate stupid bugs.  I don’t mean to call all bugs stupid, just those bugs that make me feel stupid.

I actually put the first Ham Radio practice exam app into the App Hub last week after what I thought was exhaustive testing.  Turned out it wasn’t exhaustive enough.  The thing worked fine up until the moment you hit the Windows button on the Exam page (or got tombstoned from it).  Then the jig was up and it would never work again, unless you deleted it and re-downloaded it.

After I caught this — fortunately decided to test it as an actual downloaded app after it got published — I pulled it from the Hub.  Fortunately only two downloads (besides my own) had occurred, so there hadn’t been much damage to users by this time.

Turns out that in coming back from tombstoning you would hit a Navigation exception.  Sometimes.  But once you did the thing was broke.  I thought it was some really esoteric bug, but it turned out to be a glaring omission in part of my tombstone-handling in the Exam page.

Man, I feel stupid.

That’s why I call them “stupid bugs”.

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