RIP Zune

Word has come that Microsoft isn’t going to produce any more Zune devices, due to lackluster demand.  Well, though this is no surprise, I am saddened.

I have a Zune HD, and I really like it.  I bought my wife an iPod for her birthday a few months ago, because I thought she would find it easier to work with than a Zune, but it didn’t matter.  Her interest in electronic gizmos is pretty close to nil, and the iPod didn’t overcome that barrier.  So now it is currently being enjoyed by our son, Daniel, who lives in another town.  It’s in good hands, I guess.

I bought my Zune HD as a way to find out how the Metro user interface worked as part of prep for building Windows Phone apps, and it served admirably in the role.  I was looking forward to the next version of the device, but apparently it isn’t going to happen.  Oh, well.

This word comes to us, not officially so far, but it seems reliable:

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