My First Windows Phone 7 App

A post or two ago I mentioned that I had put together a “first app”, and it seemed like a good idea to show it off a bit.  It’s more along the line of a demo (although parts of it will probably be recycled to work with my “Real” app, when things get that far).  I’ve created a combination code-review and demo video of the project, just in case anyone might be interested.  It is now up on YouTube! Here is the link: Calc Demo.

It’s a “Four-Banger Calculator”, something that Microsoft will probably provide as part of Windows Phone 7 — except Microsoft’s will probably be able to be used as a scientific calculator, which this one is not.

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2 Responses to My First Windows Phone 7 App

  1. Mark says:

    Looks great, only thing is, your numbers are like on a phone, not a calculator and the plus “+” needs to be the biggest and it should also be the “=” with the “-” above it with the “X” and the “/” on the far right. Love your brother Mark

    • Great points, bro! In my defense, I might respond that, actually, it IS on a phone! LOL! But you are absolutely correct, otherwise. Were I releasing a calculator app, I would absolutely conform to your suggestions. And in fact, since i intend to use the number pad in my future app, I will re-arrange the keys accordingly, when it comes to it. Good catch!

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